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The Myth of the Age of the Individual

We seem to be living in the age of the individual, where the sole goal is to identify yourself, not by the person you are, but rather people you don’t identify with. This turns into a large catalog of negatives. Where is the introspection? Where is the self-discovery? Where is the catalog of the things you love? How to expect to find your passion, your soul mate, when you can only specify what they should NOT be.

What is with this stupid business of being offended by everything. If someone tells you they are offended by something, and that something doesn’t kill or maim them, tell them to harden the fuck up! Being offended is a sign of a weak character. Why bother. Look away, by all means, find something to cheer you up. And move on. That’s one less negative to catalog.

Consider this:

Children, your parents may be at fault, but they are molded from an unhealthy system and need your help.

Parents, your children may be at fault, but the system is much worse now. So think wisely, loosen up, do your thing, and let them do theirs.

There will always be common ground. You will not lose your identity if you agree with each other on a few points. Common ground is what we should be celebrating. Differences also, because they can influence us positively if we focus on the good.

Part of the problem is the yes/no system we seem to live by. I prefer a yes/no/maybe scoring system. Yes is equal to 80% percent or more, no is equal to 20% or less, maybe, is everything in between. When a person, or an idea, or a theory seems to me to be a yes, I’m on board. The rest I put aside. How do you score? Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out. Whatever works.

I think I was 13 when I first began to see that the system had issues. Before then, life was bliss. By 17 I resolved to not be part of the problem, which involved a decision to be slow to anger, to turn the other cheek, and to be kind, accommodating, and helpful as possible. It was the only way to stay sane! Life was to be enjoyed, as best one can. Fun was to be had. ANd I had plenty.

People with negative opinions were to be avoided. Opinions, in general, were to be avoided since they are not facts.

I’m very happy to have followed that path as best I can, for some 40+ years. Even as the system is falling down, I’m still finding ways to have fun.

Help others.

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