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Do not evacuate the building – This only a test

“Do not evacuate the building – this only a test”. That is what would come over the PA in the brown building in east Perth in a Scottish accent around ten am on Wednesdays or thereabouts.

So my car went missing today – I parked it on Sunday in the usual spot – have done for three months – but it’s not there now. They say you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone – well they said the world was flat – but no, I don’t miss it (yet) it was an exercise in parking ain’t free (I should [not] point out that the spell checker forced me to include an apostrophe in a number of places) and just in case you think I’m less than two cents in the dollar the consensus (it looks like I spelled that right) of the mental health experts is that I’m ‘malingering’ as if there is a malingering bone in my skeletal frame. But let us not get hung up in semantics.

So no – I don’t miss the car – but there were stolen goods in the boot – well when I say stolen I mean that if the car was stolen then there is a follow-on effect to the goods thus inscribed. In particular, a guitar and an amp, and a socket set that survived Sherlock River (but that’s another story). So to cut a long story short, mediocrity. If you can be mediocre you can succeed in a civilized version of life.

So ‘Do not evacuate the building – This only a test’.

p.s. I also had to capitalize (with z’s) a lot of proper nouns to satisfy the spell checker – Language, who needs it? And people still go hungry! Wtf! Someone has outwitted themselves.

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