I Just Sold A Rune Pickhead And Got 12k

[ snippet of a conversation between two brothers aged eleven and thirteen ]

what level are you?
17 mining and 12 smithing
i’m 32
how come you haven’t got any levels?
because i have just been mining and smelting but now i have 200 bars and i’m going to turn them into plate bodies?
guess how many bronze arrows i have?
well what have you been doing?
mining and smelting, but now i have two hundred bars

[ later ]

awwww crap!
great grandmother’s chest hair!
ooka long bang bang!
not worthy! not worthy!
i dont think i can get to level 40
i don’t know. i don’t. its too boring
ooka long bang bang!
its all your fault!
shut up!
get some friends!
ooka long bang bang!
ooka long bang bang! ooka long bang bang!
gaseous cloud!
yeah same
ooka long bang bang! ooka long bang bang!
what’s your mining?
mine’s 20
i just sold a rune pickhead and got 12K
why you idiot! it turns into a pickaxe!
but it takes ages to get a stick to put it on the pickhead
what a mouth. what a mouth. what a north and south
not worthy! not worthy!
ooka long bang bang!

[ life is remarkable ]

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