Dear God/Imaginary Entity/…

dear god / imaginary entity / supreme being / yoda / elvis / orson

how’s tricks?


a point of order i’d like to raise

i just want to have it on record - that i’m expecting you expect me to expect to reap what i expected to sow - now that’s not firm ok - i’m just you know like putting it out there - we can talk about it later


then i think its a bug - it’s definitely not an enhancement!


question time? oh alright

yeah as much as can expected in these gloomy times - not lately - no - no - i’d rather be crutching sheep - no - sort of - the code is on drugs - whatever - i guess - tired - to who? - 42 - a fart creates an infinite number of past galaxies - world hunger - open source - you wish - don’t ask

so are we clear? crystal? oh and get someone to fix the weather


ok cheers - now bugger off - btw satan say hi xxx ooo lol

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