Are You Tired Of Whimpering?

There are loads of great reasons to whimper; to play the victim. Injustice means we are owed something; that we have an excuse to fail; so we can get away with staying put; with staying meek and weak.

But why? Is it our hunch that karma would deal us a change for the worse. That perhaps we would be found wanting and in need of some form of purgatory. That we had better maintain the status quo, rather than take that chance.

And so to protect our empire thus far, we become static and stagnant; we halt our growth. We suppress, rather than release all that is creative in us. We fear what it may bring. We might dress this behaviour up as shyness or modesty or duty or some other such drivel to justify our stance. It remains cowardice.

We live in fear; we live for fear; with this lie that lives in us; lives off us; eats away at us.

So what do we do? We project this cancer onto the world. We see premeditated malice and lack everywhere. Anger and mediocrity abound. And we recognise it so easily. We see in others, this anger and mediocrity that is at our very core. We call it someone elses, and we attack it. But we are just attacking ourselves; projecting self-loathing; draining ourselves away.

The enemy is not without; the enemy is within. Stop projecting. Your hate is self-hate! Realise that! See the worst of yourself in those you feel so justified to despise; and forgive yourself.

Jesus said “Love your neighbour as yourself”. Well of course; your neighbour is yourself, silly! Love the enemy without and watch the enemy within recant.

Or to avoid this spiritual cul-de-sac altogether; explore your creativity; let it guide you; live through you; let it grow your soul. Then watch as your demons, internal and external, gradually become your allies. And you; an ally to yourself; and thus, to everyone else.

So are you tired of whimpering?

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