For some, the case against abortion is based (in most part) on the belief/faith that the unborn child has a soul. It is to these people I speak first.

The notion that a child in the womb has a soul - this is certainly debatable. And the view that you choose then dictates your action and inaction. I have no issue with that.

A person who believes in the soulful unborn, reacts to the outrage at abortion being allowed. Many with zeal. For them it is a noble cause.

But what of the children already born, already here, dying so young of poverty and illness? Where is your outrage for them? You can have no doubt they have this soul you speak so highly of. They have already tasted life, looked into the eyes of someone, wondered, smelt their mother, tasted milk, wondered … well most of them at least.

So how can those who are not of your persuasion take you seriously on this ’soul’ thing when they know that those barely living definitely must have a soul as well. Yet you commit your troops to the souls unborn, before the souls hungry-yet-born have all been saved.

I would suggest that your faith is skewed. I would advise you to rethink your position. And if, on doing this, you maintain your original view, I would ask that you then do something along these lines.

  • Make sure every aborted foetus results in the ongoing sponsorship of a born-yet-hungry soul.
  • Make sure every saved foetus results in the ongoing sponsorship of a born-yet-hungry soul.
  • Use your imagination.

Now for those of you who champion some other cause, other than the causes Bono and Geldof (aka Bilbo and Gandalf) stand for.

The next time you save a tree, or cool a globe, or warm a heart, or give some blood, or take some time, or win a prize, or lose a kilo, or score a try, or try, and score, or bench-press a fridge, or French-kiss a bridge,… whenever you have any cause to celebrate…

… make doing something about the souls born-yet-hungry part of the celebration.

Something. You know maybe like $5 -> PayPal -> World Vision. Something like that. Maybe you should practise that a few times. So you get the hang of it. So that you are really do celebrate well, next time you have cause to.

To the rest of you, look, you’ll just have to wing it.

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